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Stand still and gaze, for minutes, hours and years to her give place.

TITLE: Time Stops For Willow, Too
DISTRIBUTION: If you want it, okay
SUMMARY:  Oz plays his guitar while Willow listens in.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Willow and co.  They belong to Joss Whedon
and the WB.  No copyright infringement intended.
FEEDBACK: This is my first attempt at fanfic.  Comments and helpful
criticism is greatly appreciated.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is kind of a sequel to Robert A. Black's
fanfic "Time Stands Still".
DEDICATION: To Robert, whose story inspired me to write this.


"Time Stops For Willow, Too"

Willow Rosenberg hurried down the empty high school corridor.
School was over for the day and she was supposed to be meeting
Xander and Buffy outside, but she had forgotten one of her books
and had to return to her locker.

As she was retrieving the book she noticed a faint sound--soft
music--coming from somewhere nearby.  She stopped what she was
doing and stood quietly, listening.  It was coming through the open
doorway of one of the classrooms.  She moved toward it, drawn by
the beauty of the melody.

Willow reached the door and peered in, Buffy and Xander completely
forgotten.  She discovered the source of the music:  a boy was
sitting on a desk playing a guitar.  His back was toward her, so
she couldn't see his face, but she thought his strawberry blonde
locks seemed familiar.

He began singing, so softly that Willow had to strain her ears to
make out the words.

     Time stands still with gazing on her face.
     Stand still and gaze, for minutes, hours and
          years to her give place.

The way his fingers gently strummed the strings, the emotion in his
voice, told her this  was no ordinary song to him.  This song had
meaning.  The words didn't just come from his mouth, they came from
his heart, just as the music came from his soul.  Whoever this girl
was that he was singing about, Willow thought he must care for her
very deeply.

     All other things shall change, but she remains
          the same
     Till heavens changed have their course, and
          Time hath lost his name.

She suddenly felt as if she were intruding on him, invading his
privacy, listening when he didn't know she was there, but she
stood, rooted to the spot, unable to leave in the middle of this
haunting piece.

     Cupid doth hover up and down blinded with
          her fair eyes.
     And Fortune, captive at her feet, condemned
          and conquered lies.

She felt strangely connected to him through the song, as if his
music was speaking directly to her, touching her soul.  It
surrounded her, flowed through her, and she became part of it.

He played the final notes of the song, and then sat, motionless,
as though deep in thought.

With the song ended, Willow slowly returned to reality.  She backed
up quietly into the hall, feeling an irrational sadness.  She
remembered the words he had sung... 'time stands still...'  It was
almost as if time *had* stopped while she stood there listening.

As she walked away her thoughts turned to the lucky girl his song
was about.  'I wonder who she is?  Will anyone ever feel that way
about me?'


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