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TITLE: Only One
AUTHOR: Allison
DISTRIBUTION: Yes, please! 
SUMMARY: Years later, Willow visits an old familiar place.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own this show or its characters. I'm making no money
from this story. =)
FEEDBACK: I live for it! (
DEDICATION: To my mother, who cried when she read this (though I'm still
not quite sure why). 

				Only One

	As the sun sank lower to meet the edge of the horizon, Willow Harris
felt the chill of evening hit her in the form of a soft breeze, and she
pulled her down jacket closer around her shoulders. It was getting dark,
and she knew what dark meant in Sunnydale, but she wasn't quite ready to
leave this spot yet. 
	She still came here sometimes, even though she had the children to look
after now. Sometimes, on Saturday afternoons, Xander would stay  home
with them in order to give her the time on her own that he knew she
needed. It was a good excuse for the boys to play football with their
father anyway, she supposed. 
	The breeze picked up her soft chestnut hair from her shoulders and it
whipped around her face, but she was so lost in memory that she did
nothing to try and put it back in its place. There was something about
being here that made her want to let the wind blow freely about her, and
if it was strong enough to carry her away with it, be it. 
	As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she knew it wasn't entirely
true. She wouldn't trade the boys or Xander for anything....but
sometimes still...
	There was something about being in this graveyard, this old haunting
place. Like an old playground long since abandoned by youthful voices,
so was this spot to her. They had spent so much time here...before.
Watching her hunt, watching Giles watch her. This was the stage for all
the plays they had acted out back when they were merely children. They
had been so sure that they had known everything, and that the world
would always stay the same. Back then, she'd never imagined that there
would be a last performance put on at this very spot. 
	Daylight really was fading quickly by this time, and she knew she
should get back to her family. First though, she headed down that
familiar little path that led towards the back corner of the cemetery.
She stopped in front of the beautiful black marble headstone, touching
the cross on top of it lightly. 
	"I miss you, my friend." She laid down the single rose and read the
words once again, though she had memorized them long before now. 

                             Buffy Summers
                 "In all the world, there was only one."

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